About AFSR


What is an advocate for social reform, you might ask?


  • ​Quite simply, someone who sees problems in society, seeks to create awareness and works toward bringing the elements of the conflict together to achieve a common goal.
  • Someone hopeful that with enough ‘humanication,’ (a word taken from an old Hitachi advertisement), right intentions, and a few miracles thrown in, conflicts that have ripped our world apart for ages can be resolved without constant injustices and terminal mayhem.
  • And, who is Marjorie Meret-Carmen, (M.Ed./Antioch University/1979) and why, in my seventy-something year, am I creating a website–and even more to the point, what makes me think anyone will catch the wave of my intentions and goals and be motivated to tackle social problems in their own environments?  In essence, I am one very fortunate Caucasian American citizen, a woman ‘of a certain age,’ who has time and energy to create even small shifts in social thinking.

As we grow into our new forum here, come back and take a look from time to time.  You will also be able to subscribe or comment on blog posts.

Be as anonymous as you like.

blessings, Marjorie

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