The Fifth Gospel



1/14/15     Please Note It seems that anyone who uses words like God or Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed, or any teacher/preacher who tries to project a ‘be all, know all’ attitude in a society plagued with horrific injustices, is apt to be labeled ‘kook,’ ‘weirdo, ‘ or even criminal in nature.  Sadly, as our media reminds us, so many fall victim to an egoic perspective that usually brings them to their ‘knees’ begging for forgiveness. 


One thing I have learned from more than twenty-five years being curious about the God concept, is that in those realms beyond reason there are no ‘words,’ only a practiced faith that there is more to Life than the personal life we experience.


While studying ‘academic’ theology at the Pacific School of Religion, one of the seminaries associated with The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California (1990’s), I was introduced to The Gospel of Thomas: .


mandorella-20x20 12/1/2014   One of my excursions into this fascinating document took me to Santa Rosa, California where I became an Associate member of the controversial Jesus Seminar ( and their publication of THE FIVE GOSPELS, where I was introduced to the mysterious Gospel of Thomas, unique in that it consists of 114 “secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded..”, all without narrative.  Some theological scholars believe this gospel is older than Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.




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