The Platinum Years

mandorella-20x20 April One, 2017

Finally!  Time is freeing up to continue posting aging agonies, revelations and glories on this Platinum Year page.



5/17/15  Well, here she is!  From my exercise guru in the 80’s, to the glamorous Septuagenarian of the new millennum, I just wonder what she looks like in the morning after such a ‘glam’ moment in Cannes. wink


mandorella-20x20 4/9/15  On Vulnerability by Brene Brown..a good listen.


mandorella-20x20  2/25/15   My friend, into her 83rd year, seven years my senior, tells me I am “a Beginner,’ in this pilgrimage to Elderville.

No one warns you about things like…all of a sudden I look like my mother did at this age.

Ah, Vanity!


mandorella-20x20 12/27 An end of year update:  If you missed this, here is a rare treat/and if you already heard Ellen Waterston wax forth on her perspective as a ‘woman of a certain age’ do treat yourself to a revisit.



mandorella-20x20 12/21  They sort of creep up on you.  All of a sudden you no longer look the way you used to.  All of a sudden you have your mother’s hands and when the light is a certain way, your chin belongs to Grandma Julia.  For those women whose vanity has followed them through the nubile, glamorous years, being ‘pretty,’ or even ‘attractive,’ the reality of aging is quite unwelcome. For those women who were homely to begin with, the process is far less disappointing.


So, if you have enough money in the bank, you have choices.  You can follow the trends and explore the myriad of products that promise the reduction of lines and wrinkles, or masks and peels of many depths; or the nips and tucks it takes to fight gravity.


Or you can plant yourself in a field of platinum-haired men and women who have learned to substitute Grace for a youthful aura.


Recently, I consulted a full-fledged plastic surgeon, thinking that if I did not ‘do something’ about what was greeting me in the mirror each morning soon, I probably would not.  Well, ‘doing something’ is far more complicated than I could have imagined.  Before any nipping or tucking, to get the best results, and not just look like an old woman who had a facelift, as Dr. V told me, I would have to undergo a deep surgical ‘peel’ from which it would take 6 months to recover, followed by an actual facelift which could ostensibly take another six month to recover. A year, barring complications, to regain maybe ten more years of artificial Youth.


(more thoughts on matters vain to come..responses and personal experiences welcome..mmc)