Our Rebirth

  April 10, 2018


I have to apologize for the lack of updates to our site.  I have multiple sclerosis and it has been seriously getting in the way of our work here.  I have finally cried “uncle”, and will be stepping away to attempt to stabilize and heal.  In the meantime our founder, Marjorie Meret-Carmen will be taking back the reins.  This work is so important, thank you all for keeping it alive!


  February 15, 2018


I’m thrilled to see so many of you joining us on our site…welcome!  Please check back frequently as I am adding more resources and information.  If there is a resource you would like to make me aware of, please contact me through our form on this site or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/advocatesforsocialreform/.  I look forward to hearing from you!



  January 30, 2018


After hearing from so many people over the years, most recently in September 2017 at The International Benzodiazepine Symposium, lamenting the serious lack of awareness and education regarding the use and misuse of benzodiazepines, Advocates for Social Reform has decided to fill that gap and focus on becoming a comprehensive, user-friendly, nationwide information clearinghouse.

To that end, we are hard at work updating AFSR.com to feature the very best information we can find.  The majority of our information will be evidence based, but because we believe people can think for themselves, from time to time we will also include information that is more anecdotal in nature.  In addition, you will see benzodiazepine related CME/CE courses for medical professionals; medical professionals listed by state/country, experienced in treating benzodiazepine withdrawal; and more.

We will also feature articles written just for AFSR by everyone from pioneers in the Benzo Campaign to those still in the trenches.  Our forum will seek to initiate dialogue, we must keep people talking about this issue.  We look forward to hearing from you.

In Partnership,

Kristi Miller

Manager, Advocates for Social Reform

  October 2017

Greetings again from beautiful Bend, Oregon.

After the International Benzodiazepine Symposium (www.TIBS-Bend.com) we co-sponsored with the St. Charles Health System last month, we are restructuring Advocates for Social Reform.

Please check back with us soon,

Marjorie Meret-Carmen/ M.Ed.