Reflections on attending the 2015 International Empathic Therapy Conference

mmc in michigan april 2015   4/30/15  Well, here I was earlier this month at Michigan State University attending the 2015 International Empathic Therapy Conference, sponsored by Peter and Ginger Breggin and Bertram Karon, ‘pioneers’ in the field of  Psychoanalysis with ‘heart’ for the millions of pharmaceutical guinea pigs who, like many I heard there, fell into a cesspool of inhumane treatment.

My focus in the benzo blunder/ a memoir, is but a ‘pinhole’ view of the travesty Psychopharma unleashed on millions who were ill-infomed about the long-term use of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants.

Please Google the following links to become acquainted with some incredible people who are dedicating their lifework trying to make sense out of the insanity that has overtaken ‘ethical responsibility’ in the pharmaceutical industry.


A rather blurry photo of Peter and Ginger Breggin/ quickly IPhone taken on the final day of the conference….truly, an inspiring and informative three days.

Breggin 3



Peter Breggin introducing Peter Gotzche

. PG3


Robert Whitaker

RW 1